Pregnant woman crashed by YY bus

Man Jose Kayima

An expectant mother has been knocked dead on the Arua-Nebbi highway as a bus driver reportedly tried to dodge a pothole on the highway.

The bus crash has also left another pedestrian dead and two people injured.

The YY bus with registration number UBF 798T was involved in a crash on Wednesday as it came from Koboko while heading to Kampala.

West Nile Region traffic officer Sam Cekwel said the bus knocked the deceased persons as the driver tried to dodge a pothole.

“The information received from the driver indicates that he tried to dodge the potholes in vain thereby knocking the two pedestrians who were coming towards the bus,” he said.

The manager of YY coaches in Arua, Ismail Juma, similarly said the vehicle was trying to dodge the potholes which are numerous on the Arua-Nebbi road.

Juma said the vehicle was sloping towards Ullepi centre when the driver tried to negotiate a pothole but knocked dead the two people.

The bodies were taken to Nebbi General Hospital mortuary, while the two casualties were taken also at the same facility for treatment.

Arua-Nebbi road is in a dire state with potholes which has become risky for both travellers and pedestrians. Information courtesy of Newvision

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