Yara East Africa connects Agro Dealers on agricultural efficiency and sustainability

Man Jose Kayima

Yara East Africa, a global leader in crop nutrition and provider of sustainable agricultural digital solutions, hosted a transformative event at the Maple Leaf Hotel in Masaka district on Friday. The event aimed to empower more than 100 Agro dealers with the essential skills to drive sustainable agricultural practices among farmers in the region.

Themed “Digital Transformation in Agri: Reaping the Benefits of Impactful Innovation in Agriculture,” the event spotlighted the profound influence of digital solutions in agriculture. Yara’s emphasis on leveraging technology to enhance farmer productivity and create opportunities for businesses aligns with the company’s commitment to knowledge dissemination, quality inputs, and traceability at the last mile of the agricultural value chain.
William Nge’no, the Country Manager for Yara Kenya & Uganda, reiterated Yara’s unwavering dedication to promoting sustainable agricultural practices through a comprehensive participatory approach.

This approach involves an array of stakeholders, including farmers, agro-dealers, the agri-food industry, consumer groups, and non-government organizations with a vested interest in sustainable farming.
Nge’no highlighted,

“We firmly believe in a multi-sectoral engagement that involves stakeholders at every level, promoting a greater sense of ownership across the agri-food chain. By involving farmers, agro dealers, and other partners, we are fostering an environment where technology choices are well-informed. Agro dealers play a critical role, serving as conduits of knowledge and innovation as they engage with farmers on the ground.”

Yara’s vision extends beyond the event, as it collaborates with like-minded partners sharing the goal of reaching every farmer at the grassroots level. The knowledge imparted to Agro dealers serves as a steppingstone to facilitate sustainable change in agricultural practices.

The event underscored Yara’s commitment to the sustainable transformation of agriculture, reflecting its belief in the power of collective action to drive positive change.

By empowering Agro dealers with the tools and knowledge they need, Yara is making strides towards a more resilient and sustainable agricultural sector in Uganda and beyond.
Uganda’s economy is predominantly agrarian, with the majority of the population engaged in agricultural activities.

Agriculture contributes significantly to the country’s GDP; in FY 2021/22, agriculture accounted for about 24.1% of GDP and 33% of export earnings and employs a large portion of the workforce about 70% (UBOS). The sector plays a critical role in providing food security, income generation, and livelihoods for the population.

Amidst the vibrant competition in the Southern region, Asharaf Mulasa stood out as an exceptional performer, earning him well-deserved recognition.

In his triumphant journey, he extended his appreciation to Yara for providing a platform that empowered him and his fellow farmers to excel further.

“In this region, I secured the highest points and consequently, I received valuable rewards corresponding to my sales achievements. I am genuinely elated for the opportunity granted to us by Yara, which has elevated me to the status of a winner. My victory is not mine alone; it’s a shared success with the dedicated team I collaborated with – the farmers and stakeholders. Together, we achieved this victory,” expressed Asharaf Mulasa.

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