Police apprehends two drunk teachers for disrupting mock examinations

Man Jose Kayima

Police in Agago have arrested two drunk teachers from Ladere Primary School for causing disruptions during Primary Seven mock examinations.

The teachers, Joseph Odoch and Denis Obonyo, who hold positions across different primary levels, were taken into custody on Thursday morning at the directive of the school head teacher, Charles Obwoch.

Obwoch explained that on Wednesday he cautioned the teachers and obtained their pledges to abstain from alcohol. However, on Thursday morning, both teachers reported to school under the influence of alcohol. Their behavior included snatching examination scripts from learners, divulging answers aloud, and using explicit language in the presence of learners.

A concerned parent, John Ocaya, highlighted the teachers’ notoriety for using inappropriate language in the community. He criticized their conduct as a disgrace to their profession.

Ocaya noted that local businesses had collectively decided not to sell alcohol to these teachers due to their behavior, yet they circumvented the restriction by having others purchase alcohol on their behalf from elsewhere.

Luka Okidi, the chairperson of the School Management Committee, expressed serious concern about the teachers’ disruptive actions. He confirmed that the matter had been reported to the district education officer. Okidi argued that the teachers should be held accountable according to the law, given their repeated absenteeism, negative influence on students, and overall disregard for their responsibilities. Information courtesy of LBS News daily

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