Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga denies henchman Wasswa

Man Jose Kayima

Just like the biblical Simon Peter denied Jesus Christmas thrice, a man of God has denied his best hench man.

Pastor Ssenyonga of Christian life ministries denied Isreal Waswa his hitherto number one henchman in an affidavit before the court.

The affidavit was in reply to Security Personnel attached to Christian Life Church being dragged to court for allegedly robbing and assaulting a former member of the church.

The guards at the church that is led by Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga are Israel Wasswa the chief guard; Ivan Wanyama, a chapati Maker, Ali Ojulong alias Peter, and Geofrey Mawanda alias Kefa.

Pastor Ssenyonga was also sued alongside his church by Sam Mukula who filed the suit at the civil division of the High Court seeking a declaration that the respondent’s violent, brutal, theft of his property.

In a new twist, Pastor Ssenyonga has denied his former security personal Wasswa and his colleagues in an affidavit signed off on the 8th day of August 2023.

“The Church nor I are not employers of Ivan Wanyama and Isreal Wasswa as alleged in Para 3 of the affidavit of the applicant,” read part of Pastor Ssenyonga’s affidavit.

He went ahead and denied Wasswa that he is not the head of security at the church and is not his personal bodyguard as alleged but a volunteer at large gatherings.

One would wonder how a volunteer can run errands or even man a Police post stationed at the church. And this was highlighted in Pastor Ssenyonga’s affidavit.

We quote Pastor Ssenyonga’s affidavit “Wasswa was not at the scene (assault incident) and was only talked about at the Police Station.”

*The background of the case*

It is alleged that on June 8th, 2018 at Christian Life Church, the three armed with blunt objects robbed Sam Mukula of his mobile phone worth 35,000 Shillings and cash amounting to 500,000 shillings.

Court documents indicate that on June 8, 2018, at Christian Life Church in Kavule, Kawempe Division, Kampala District, Wasswa, Wanyama, Ojulong, and Mawanda being armed with blunt objects robbed Mukula of an itel mobile phone worth sh3,500 and sh500,000 and immediately before or after caused grievous harm on him.

Mukula states that as a result of the aforesaid violations, he suffered psychological torture, trauma, mental anguish, distress, and financial loss among others.

According to the court documents, Pr. Ssenyonga and his church are vicariously responsible for the human rights threats and violations perpetrated by Wasswa, Wanyama, Ojulong, and Mawanda who are all employers of Christian Life Ministries.

Fast forward, On June 1, 2022, Justice Isaac Muwata sentenced Wasswa to five years imprisonment while Wanyama (Chapati Maker) was given ten years after they were found guilty of aggravated robbery.

Mawanda was also given two years while Ojulong was on June 8, 2018, when the case was committed to High Court for trial he was convicted of the same offence.

However, the trial judge said he could not sentence Ojulong in absentia as he was said to be on the run which is the case as you read this.

Affidavit in reply MC (1)

Pr. Ssenyonga was represented by Lawyers from Ojambo and Ojambo Advocates while Mukula was represented by lawyers from Messrs. Avrax and Company Advocates.

The has been fixed for hearing before Justice Boniface Wamala.

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