Unlocking Financial Possibilities: An Exclusive Interview with Sandra Kaggwa from dfcu Bank

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In the ever-evolving landscape of financial empowerment, innovation takes center stage. We are thrilled to present an exclusive interview with a driving force behind one such innovation – Sandra Kaggwa, the Manager of Asset Finance at dfcu Bank. In this insightful conversation, Sandra delves into the heart of dfcu Bank’s groundbreaking campaign, ‘Make Big Moves,’ which is set to revolutionize how customers access asset financing solutions.

As the financial world adapts to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals, dfcu Bank’s ‘Make Big Moves’ campaign emerges as a beacon of empowerment. With Sandra Kaggwa’s wealth of expertise, we explore the intricacies of this campaign, its profound implications for customers, and the vision that propels dfcu Bank to the forefront of progressive financial solutions.
Join us as we delve into the innovative strategies, the impact on customers’ financial journeys, and the future of asset financing. This interview offers a unique opportunity to gain insights from a leading professional who is shaping the financial landscape through innovation and empowerment.

What is Asset Finance?

Asset Finance is a product available to all dfcu Bank customers in Corporate, Personal & Business Banking Segments for the financing of movable Assets. The Bank has a long history of providing Asset Financing products to customers across the country. providing tailored financial solutions to various segments in the market. The campaign, in partnership with specific asset vendors, promises to offer customers the best deals in the market over the next five months. Our offering includes Up to 90% Financing, 0% Arrangement Fees, up to 3 months Repayment Holiday/Grace Period and much more subject to the Asset being financed.

Could you share some details about what products are offered under Asset Finance? The assets that can be financed include any good quality brand new or used assets including cars, trucks, buses, tractors, manufacturing equipment, printing machines, earth moving equipment, solar equipment, medical equipment, generators and many more. Dubbed ‘Make Big Moves’, both existing and new customers of the Bank stand to gain access to a range of products, including Leases and Consumer Asset Finance facilities. The financing solution allows customers to retain the use of their assets while making convenient instalment payments to the bank.

Who qualifies for Asset Financing?
The parameters for qualification under the ‘Make Big Moves’ Asset Financing campaign have been meticulously defined to encompass a diverse range of entities. This initiative is tailored to cater to the aspirations of regular income earners, well-established businesses, sole proprietors, corporate entities, and even investment clubs.

A paramount criterion for eligibility is a consistent and stable cash flow, which is indispensable for meeting the designated instalment obligations. The campaign strategically aims to address the financing needs of a broad spectrum of individuals and entities, ensuring inclusivity while upholding the financial prudence integral to dfcu Bank’s services.

What is the minimum Value of equipment that can be financed?
The financed amounts vary from UGX 50M to over UGX 15BN or USD equivalent. However, amounts outside this range can be considered under special circumstances.

What is the minimum and Maximum finance tenor?

Within the framework of the ‘Make Big Moves’ Asset Financing campaign, the tenure options for financial arrangements have been carefully delineated to best accommodate the diverse needs of our valued clientele. The minimum financing tenor, serving as the foundational point of engagement, is thoughtfully set at a duration of 12 months.

On the other end of the spectrum, the campaign extends a generous provision for extended financial engagements, with the maximum finance tenor gracefully extending up to a span of 60 months. This calculated range is meticulously designed to offer flexibility while ensuring that the financial aspirations of our patrons are both respected and realized.

Does one have to be a dfcu customer to qualify for Asset Finance?
No, one does not have to be a customer to qualify for Asset Financing. However, you will be required to open an account with dfcu on approval of the facility.

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