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Video: Sheebah blasts Bukedde TV’s Sseguya in her verbal war with Cindy

Man Jose Kayima

Singer Samalie Karungi, popularly known as Sheebah Karungi blasted Bukedde TV’s Josephat Sseguya during a press conference on Monday afternoon at Victoria University in Kampala.

The conference was meant to provide media updates on her upcoming battle with Cindy Sanyu, scheduled for September 15.

At the presser, Sseguya revealed that Sheebah can only battle Cindy in a dancing competition not in music.

The musician responded by stated that Sseguya cannot even take care of himself.


Meanwhile, Sheebah stormed out of the press conference and left her fans stranded as she was swiftly escorted away by waiting bikers.

The presser took place at Victoria University in the city centre, but it began late as Karungi arrived later than planned.

During the press conference, there was a heated exchange between the two artistes, attracting a large crowd including media personalities and city dwellers who enjoyed the drama that unfolded.

However, Karungi appeared uncomfortable with the questions posed by the media.

Frustrated, she stood up, walked towards Cindy, announced the concert dates, dropped the microphone, and exited the stage.

In response to Karungi’s departure, Cindy stepped up on one of the platforms and proclaimed herself as the winner of the battle.

She vowed to force the former Team No Sleep singer out of the industry and promised to end her music career come September 15, 2023.

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