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” I want to marry Sheebah” – Mathias Walukagga confesses on TV


Sir. Mathias Walukagga has confessed his mad love for fellow musician Queen Sheebah Karungi.

In an exclusive interview with Spark TV on Wednesday night in the Daily Soup Show, Walukagga expressed his desire to marry Sheebah.

Walukagga said, he is a big fan of both Sheebah and her nemesis Cindy who are set to face off in the anticipated music battle.

” I am a fan of Cindy because I love her music, likewise I am a fan of Sheebah because I love her music.” Walukagga said.

” I love Sheebah and I wished I could marry her. I want to marry Sheebah because I love her so much.” He added.

Sheebah shows off her body. Photo/Instagram

Walukagga said he is not bothered by Sheebah’s skimpy dressing despite being one of things he continuously condemns in his Kadongo Kamu songs.

” She is dressing like that because she is single and doesn’t have a man who can prevent her from dressing that way. But once I marry her, she will have to change. And as a matter of fact, her dressing style is what attracted me.” He concluded.

Sheebah and Cindy are meant to face off in the upcoming battle on 15th September at Kololo Independence Grounds.

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