Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere set to return home after seven years in exile

Man Jose Kayima

The Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu has unveiled plans for the long-awaited return of Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema-Ngoma to his kingdom, marking the end of his seven-year absence.

The King’s return is scheduled for October 4, 2023, a significant moment for the Rwenzururu Kingdom after a period of turmoil and legal battles that led to his arrest and subsequent restrictions.

The anticipated homecoming event will encompass various activities, including the welcoming of the King, a grand coronation ceremony, and the acquisition of a business property.

However, the kingdom is faced with the daunting task of raising nine billion shillings to fund these concurrent activities, which are seen as paramount to honorably receiving the Omusinga back home.

Dr. Walemba Nathaniel, the Chairperson of the executive committee overseeing the homecoming of Omusinga, expressed the financial challenges faced by the kingdom stating that each subject is encouraged to contribute a minimum of shillings 10,000 to achieve the ambitious fundraising goal.

The community’s support is crucial in making the grand homecoming a reality.

The history of Omusinga Charles Wesley’s absence dates back to his arrest on November 27, 2016, following a clash between the Kingdom’s royal guards and the government forces.

The violent incident resulted in casualties and numerous arrests.

Despite being cleared of all charges recently, the King has yet to set foot in Kasese.

Dr. Walemba Nathaniel confirmed the chosen date for the King’s return while acknowledging the destruction of the palace, which was burnt to ashes during the unrest.

Addressing concerns about the King’s living arrangements upon his return, Dr. Walemba clarified that the intended hotel project is a business venture, not the King’s permanent residence.

He assured that suitable arrangements will be made for the King’s abode as the government embarks on constructing his permanent home.

Responding to the developments, State Minister for Information Godfrey Kabyanga highlighted that the government will respond accordingly when officially invited to the event.

However, he cautioned against any dissemination of propaganda surrounding the occasion, urging elements within the Kingdom to uphold transparency and respect the significance of the event.

As the Rwenzururu Kingdom prepares for this historic occasion, the return of Omusinga Charles Wesley signifies a moment of healing, reconciliation, and unity for the community that has long awaited his triumphant homecoming.

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