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City Bar owners ban Coupling in toilets after Nampeera’s leaked video

Man Jose Kayima

Kampala bar owners have started warning revellers against having relations in toilets.

The warning comes on the heels of a viral vide oshowing celebrity Christine Nampeera making love with her boyfriend Barasha in the toilet of Kenjis bar in Kampala.

For example, the management of Cielo Lounge Bar in Kololo has printed notices warning, ‘No coupling in the bathrooms.’

Several bars in Kabalagala and Najjera are also alerting staff to take note of such practices to protect their brands.

Nampeera took to Twitter to apologise for her conduct.

“I want to apologise to my family, Dj Roja, my friends, my boyfriend, Mr. Barasha, and my employers who have been affected by the video circulating,” said Nampeera.

“It was a private affair; I am sorry,” she posted on her X (Twitter) account.

In a 3-minute video, Nampeera, a younger sibling of Dj Roger, could be seen making out with Barasha in a tiny public toilet at Kenjis.

More videos of young girls engaging in relations at Kenjis have since leaked online.

The videos touched off a heated online debate about the safety of girls at Kampala’s nightspots.

It’s feared that girls become so vulnerable after being intoxicated with alcohol and drugs before being abused by sex predators.

Dr. Blair Kiiza, a distinguished medical practitioner, has since warned the public against such activities in toilets, saying they risk contracting diseases.

“First off, there’s a heightened risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) due to the unhygienic environment of a public restroom,” said Dr. Kiiza, adding, “Always prioritize safe and clean spaces for intimate moments.”

Dr. Kiiza said the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and even HIV is more likely in toilets.

“Public restrooms may not offer the privacy and cleanliness needed to engage in safe sexual practices,” said Dr. Kiiza, adding, “To mitigate these risks, consider engaging in such activities in a private, clean, and comfortable space.”

He added,

“If you do find yourself in a public restroom, remember to use barriers like condoms or dental dams and thoroughly clean up afterward.”

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