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Hon.Ssemujju reveals Catherine Kusasira and Bucha Man Monthly Salary

Man Jose Kayima

Hon.Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has the revealed how much presidential advisors Catherine Kusasira and Bucha Man earn per month.

According to Ssemujju Kusasira and Bucha Man each receive Ugx 2.3M as monthly pay salary.

In 2019, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni appointed singers Catherine Kusasira, Bucha Man and Full Figure to handle different fields.

The trio’s appointment was to galvanize the president’s support in Kampala and their offices were to be facilitated to carry out NRM mobilization.

After a few years in their offices, however, the appointed advisors began raising several concerns, including being denied access to the president and receiving pitiful pay.

They also claimed that their primary revenue stream had been adversely impacted since a section of their fans had lost interest in them upon learning that they had sided with the government rather than the downtrodden.

However, earlier today, journalist and politician Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda revealed that all the appointed presidential advisors are facilitated contrary to their claims.

Ssemujju who had a government pay role disclosed that Bucha Man and Catherine Kusasira receive a monthly pay of Ugx 2.3M.

When questioned about Full Figure, Semujju insisted that she wasn’t on the list he had.

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