Keddi Foundation offers hope to six year old child who suffered parental abuse

Man Jose Kayima

Christopher Kalyebi, a six-year-old boy tragically burned by his own father in Butebo District, receives a lifeline from the Keddi Foundation with a generous contribution of 2.5 million shillings towards his surgery. This heartwarming act of kindness offers hope to a child who suffered parental abuse.

Currently under the care of Ebenezer Children’s Ministry in Kibuku District, overseen by Madam Katoko Sylvia Damba, Christopher’s story is a poignant reminder of the importance of protecting children from harm.

Madam Katoko Sylvia expressed her gratitude to the Keddi Foundation for their support and revealed the dire circumstances in which they found Christopher at Mbale Regional Referral Hospital, in excruciating pain and helplessness.

Moreover, Katoto emphasized that Christopher Kalyebi will require multiple surgeries to secure his future.

Mr. Steven Keddi, the director of the Keddi Foundation, shared the story of how he came to support Christopher Kalyebi and pledged to continue educating Kalyebi until he finishes his studies and also contributing 5 million shillings to support the education of children under Ebenezer Children’s Ministry in Kibuku every term.

Mr. Steven Keddi urged parents to refrain from mistreating their children over minor issues at home and condemned political leaders for neglecting their responsibilities in the area.”

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