Man claiming to be Aponye’s son calls for a DNA test

Man Jose Kayima

Man claiming to be son to late businessman Apollo Nyegamehe, commonly referred to as Aponye has called for a DNA test. 

Bruce Kayumbu has called for a DNA test to establish the veracity of his claim and put an end to the ongoing controversy.

Aponye tragically lost his life in a car accident on July 6, 2023, and was laid to rest on July 12, 2023.

During the requiem mass held in honor of the late businessman at St. Luke Catholic Church in Muhanga, Evangilista Nyegamehe, Aponye’s widow, disclosed that she had been married to him since November 11, 1978, and together they were blessed with seven children.

Additionally, Aponye had another family with the late Monica Kakwezi Nyegamehe, with whom he had five children.

Evangilista further revealed that a person named Bruce Kayumbu had come forward following her husband’s death, claiming to be his child.

She expressed her deep concern, stating that this claim had disrupted the peace of their family.

She sternly warned Bruce Kayumbu to cease such assertions, as they were causing turmoil within the family. She emphasized that her husband had consistently maintained that he did not have any children outside their established families.

“My husband was clear about our family. This person claiming to be his child is causing unnecessary turmoil.” Nyegamehe asserted

On the day of the burial, Bruce Kayumbu was reportedly chased away from the gathering of Aponye’s children, a clear indication that he was being rejected by the family.

Undeterred by the rejection, Kayumbu maintained that he was indeed the legitimate son of the late Aponye.

“I grew up as the son of Aponye, and I even recall a time when I stayed with Aponye’s mother,” Kayumbu said, underscoring the familial ties he claims to have with the late businessman.

According to Kayumbu, Aponye had provided significant support for his education, up until he reached the equivalent of grade 10.

However, Kayumbu, who currently lacks employment, is requesting recognition as a member of the family where he feels he belongs.

He firmly insists that if there is any doubt regarding his paternity, all of Aponye’s children, including himself, should undergo a DNA test to determine the truth.

Despite his determination, Kayumbu has expressed fears for his safety, asserting that he has received threats since publicly asserting his claim.

The Nile Post also spoke with Kayumbu’s mother, Peace Musinguzi, who confirmed that she had become pregnant with Aponye’s child.

“It’s true that I got pregnant for Aponye while he was alive. He used to promise us better plans for his son.” Musinguzi revealed

She expressed her hurt and disappointment over the family’s rejection of her son.

Kayumbu’s grandmother, Jonah Kabaragane, shared her dismay at the ongoing dispute within the family.

Aponye, originally from Muhanga Town Council, ventured into various businesses in the 1980s, including Aponye Mall in Kampala, Aponye Hotel, Apo Hotel in Muhanga, and Rukiga Business Centre.

As the dispute unfolds, it remains to be seen how the family and the community will come to a resolution in this complex and emotionally charged situation.

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