Former MP Aspirant arrested over fraud

Man Jose Kayima

The Territorial Police in Busoga North and Buyende District are holding four suspects including a former MP Aspirant for Buyende West, Mr Sempa Vincent and his driver Isaac Musoke Robert over an attempted robbery in mercury deal gone bad.

Sempa, together with the fourth suspect, an army officer attached to the Fisheries Protection Unit, Tiya Ndimulodi were arrested for fraud in a mercury deal of a German Store in Busikwe village, Gumpi sub county in Buyende district.

According to Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga, two other colleagues, Fredrick Ngobi of Munyegera Ward, Buwenge in Jinja and Nsuguba Ibrahim, a boda boda rider of Kamuli were killed by a mob after the deal went wrong.

It is alleged that the suspects went to the home of the seller of Mercury, Mzeeyi Bamwegobye Mutwaire, with the intention of intoxicating the sellers with chloroform and steal it from them.

As they were spraying chloroform, one of the sons raised an alarm which attracted residents,” said Enanga, adding that police responded and arrested 5 suspects for the double murder of Ngobi Fredrick and Muhammad.

They include;Muyige Evulantine, Mwase Siragi, Mwige Swaibu, Mwase Ali and Mwase Karim and appeared in court

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