Why CBS radio’s Patriko Mujuuka relocated to USA

Man Jose Kayima

Renown media personality and events emcee, Patricko Mujuuka has reportedly left the country and relocated to the United States of America.

The announcement of his move was made on Dembe FM’s Talk N Talk show, indicating an uncertain return to Uganda.

Mujuuka now joins a list of prominent figures who have left Uganda for greener pastures who include radio personality Dikteta Mark, Selector Williams Mukisa Sserwadda, Flavia Namuliñdwa and Isaac Kayz Kawalya among others

“Yes, he has gone to work in the USA, and he isn’t planning to return anytime soon. His job there will involve washing plates, and apparently. He was in frequent contact with Flavia Namulindwa,” a source revealed as quoted by Blizz

A source close to Mujuuka claimed that he would be working in a restaurant, primarily washing dishes. Despite these developments, Mujuuka has remained silent on the matter.

The trend of media personalities seeking opportunities overseas continues to rise, driven by the pursuit of better prospects and a desire for change.

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