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Bruno K’s romance saga continues! Alleged partner, Dorah, speaks up

Man Jose Kayima

Dorah, a Mukono businesswoman alleges that her connection with Bruno K was made possible by her sister, Mariam and the two dated for several months, she used to give him weekly upkeep of 500k until he caught him cheating with another slayer.

Speaking out, Dorah stated that she acknowledged Bruno as her secret lover until recently when things went side ways for both of them.

Dorah mentioned that Bruno’s behavior changed for the worse after she got pregnant.

She also mentioned that she made sure to take care of Bruno K by providing him with clothes, food, and a weekly allowance of UGX 500,000.

“Yes, I did everything for that guy, including giving him 500,000= every week. I was in love, but he started acting strangely, distancing himself from me. That’s why I’ve decided to expose him. I’m tired of his games and being used,”Dorah said before adding,

“Bruno K is not what he portrays to the public. Many think he is a good man but that’s not the case, personally I don’t want him to give me support for the unborn baby, I will do the needful for my child.” Said Dorah

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