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“Stop dating me in your dreams,” Sheilah Gashumba to Grenade

Man Jose Kayima

Following a fight between Rickman Manrick and Grenade Official yesterday night that led to one of them being hospitalized.

Grenade Official, has revealed the reason why Rickman and Company attacked him

“I dated @SheilahGashumba 5 years ago and we had what we had, I don’t know why @RickmanManrick now wants to kill me.” Said Grenade

Sheilah Gashumba has also replied stating that she has never dated Grenade

“Cocaine must be on his head. 5 years ago I was dating Godsplan. Stop dating me in ur dreams!! You are a fan and that’s what you will always be.” Said Sheilah Gashumba before adding,

“It’s very unfortunate and sad that the industry in Uganda still has artists like Grenade that are very indisciplined, chaotic and want to fight others.”

“Grenade has been struggling with drug addiction for sometime and I think it’s getting to his head. He attacked Rickman today after attempting to fight and create comotion on our table at la terezza. Rickman rarely parties and is never in any drama and he is calm and respectful person.”

“I think since the year began this is his 5th in the bar because he prefers watching football and going to studio. it’s sad that this has happened even after soo many artists dying in the past years in such scandals!! We shall follow up the case with Police.”

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