Tamale Mirundi celebrates Dr. Kiyingi’s death

Man Jose Kayima

The former Senior Presidential Press Secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi has revealed that he is extremely happy with the demise of Uganda’s Senior Cardiologist Dr Aggrey Kiyingi who died in Australia while in exile.

Dr Kiyingi’s death was announced by his wife Mayimuna Nakayiira Kiyingi, on Saturday afternoon through her social media account.

“It is with immense sadness and a heavy heart that I write to inform you of the passing of my beloved husband, Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi. He peacefully departed from our lives. Words cannot express the depth of grief and sorrow we feel as we come to terms with this profound loss,” she said.

Dr Kiyingi’s death caused pain to those who loved him, as a friend, father, and relative and those he has always inspired in different spheres of life but to people like Mirundi, Dr Kiyingi’s death was seen as a wave of new hope and joy.

During an interview with a local YouTube media Channel a few days ago,  Mirundi revealed that since the deceased was betrayed by his first wife who was murdered, he created hatred for women and the government thus financed the killing of women.

“Dr. Kiyingi has killed a lot of people in Uganda, he must not be celebrated. Dr Kiyingi became angry after the false accusation that he killed his wife and resorted to killing women as a way of blackmailing Museveni’s government. It’s not normal to celebrate the dead but I’m extremely happy that Dr. Kiyingi is also dead,” he said.

Mirundi however exonerated the dead doctor that he did not participate in the killing of his wife, saying he was falsely accused by mafias who had eaten GAVI funds since his wife was working with them.

“Kayihura and Tumukunde fought each other not knowing it was Kiyingi who was killing women. Mine survived, all women who were killed during Kayihura’s regime in Police, it was Kiyingi’s mission. Why were they dumped at Entebbe? To implicate UPDF, I have every data to affirm my statements. Kiyingi also wanted to show Ugandans and the international community that President Museveni has not helped women,” Mirundi said.

He added that Dr. Kiyingi’s primary reason for killing women was to soil President Museveni’s name. He revealed the killers used to travel to Tanzania to meet with him and discuss the execution programs of their mission (Killing women).

“Don’t dare bring his dead body here, we shall burn it, Kiyingi was sponsoring the killing of women I have this information and I can reveal all the names of people who were behind this mission some are even serving in this government.”

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