Bad Black continues to attack former Uganda Cranes player Sepuya over daughter’s DNA

Man Jose Kayima

Ugandan socialite Bad Black real names Shanita Namuyimbwa has continued to attack former Uganda Cranes player Euguen Sepuya over daughter’s DNA test.

Bad Black claims that Sepuya is the biological father of her daughter Davina.

Bad Black’s daughter Davina

In her latest posts, Bad Black stated that when she had sex with Sepuya, he was sober and knew what he was doing

“Omwana wange height ya Ssepuya lips za kim swagger because You both enjoyed yoyo n festival session but surly Sepuya ur Are Kim was drunk and u were sober
I need Dna.”

She added,

“Sepuya Eugene this is the last post just no I do have lawyers #Musagalaadvocate I still have akalila kwo mwana and i know where Serbia embassy is on your information i got ur white sugar mummy contacts n any means you will give me the DNA 🧬 or court order will be summoned at your home the world s small … Davina has a right to know her stupid tall father.” Said Bad Black

In the other Facebook post, Bad Black wants Sepuya to become a madi and security guard at her daughter’s place

“May God show up for You mY daughter that Your biological father sepuya become ur maid.. and security guard 💂‍♀️ of ur palace.”

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