MP Ssegirinya reconciles with NUP Deputy Spokesperson Waiswa Mufumbiro

Man Jose Kayima

The Kawempe South Member of Parliament Muhammad Ssegirinya and Opposition National Unity Platform Deputy spokesperson Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro have reconciled following their disagreements.

When Ssegirinya returned to the country from Netherlands where was receiving treatment for skin cancer and lung infections, attacked Mufumbira for allegedly making uncalled-for statements.

Mufumbiro had accused Ssegirinya of faking illness and using his ‘sickness’ to put the NUP in disrepute.

At that time, Ssegirinya said that he does not need any apology from Mufumbiro, but will not pursue the matter any further.

However the two have reconciled today with each revealing that it’s important to focus on fighting dictatorship

“Waiswa is my brother and I apologize for the statements I made due to anger. I thank the Party President and the General Secretary for enabling us to reconcile. I have no issues with my brother Waiswa.” Said Ssegirinya

Waiswa on the other hand promised to bring Ssegirinya fruits from Busoga so that he can heal properly

“Ssegirinya is my brother and I am happy to see him reconcile with me. It is always important to focus on fighting dictatorship than fighting each other. Some politicians have been using this chance to separate us but we one and we belong to the National Unity Platform. I am going to bring some fruits to Honourable Ssegirinya so that he can heal properly.” Said Mufumbiro

NUP General Secretary David Lewis Rubongoya hailed the two leaders

“A few days back Hon. Ssegirinya Muhammad expressed anger at some of the words previously said by Deputy Spokesperson Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro. Very delighted that today the two leaders met and reconciled. Very pleased to witness this important step on behalf of the National Unity Platform and our President Bobi Wine. Ultimately, we must focus and direct our anger on the enemy of our nation and not on each other.” Stated Rubongoya

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