MUK Guild President Maseruka cries out to Parliament over Students set to miss graduation

Man Jose Kayima

Makerere University 89th Guild President Maseruka Robert along his Ministers have petitioned Parliament to come out and debate on issue where hundreds of Makerere University who will not graduate under unclear circumstances.

The Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko raised the issue on the floor of Parliament on Thursday 19th October 2023 and demanded that parliament should come out and speak something on the issue.

“Rt Hon Speaker , it’s absurd that 7,000 students and children of this country shall miss out on graduation in different institutions of but much more prominent about 3,000 students from Makerere University through their Guild president and Guild leadership with an outcry because most of them had not met of payment of tuition and most of them were denied access to sitting the exams but also as it has accumulated they cannot graduate. Honorable colleagues these are children of Our Own children of farmers, children of poor traders and people who earn less” Hon Muhammad Nsereko Told Parliament

“But the country men and women who pay these taxes, the poor parents outside there none of them would like not to see their children reaching the Pinnacle of Education that is graduating with a bachelor from a university we know we all went through the hardships of Covid , Now I’m talking of people that have sold everything to try to take their children to school and these are thousands of children watch best thing could we do for the girl and boy child rather than helping bail them out during their most important time of need than investing in their education now” He Added

“My prayer Rt Hon speaker is that we as Government come out and do the necessary.

The university some students want to commit suicide why because they are seeing their future that we promised to secure coming to a dark end.

Nsereko requested Government to come out with what he called an education rebate because what happened is that the students loans were suspended but these are people that have tried to pay tuition but have failed.

He said once these students graduate, they can pay these loans.

Maseruka himself assured the students fraternity that he will do all he can to make sure these students achieve their dreams.

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