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Just like the blondes are known to give an excuse of the dog ate my homework, he opted to play the sick card in the case against Sam Mukula.

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Church was supposed to appear before court yesterday, Monday 23rd October to testify but didn’t turn up.

Pastor Ssenyonga preaching

According to his lawyers from Ojambo and Ojambo Advocates, Ssenyonga was a no-show due to alleged illness despite his energetic preaching for over 5 hours on Sunday.

The man of God alongside five guards of the church are facing charges of psychological torture, trauma, mental anguish, distress, and compensation resulting from assault and robbery by the guards.

The guards who were led by Israel Wasswa the chief guard; Ivan Wanyama, a chapati Maker, Ali Ojulong alias Peter and Geofrey Mawanda alias Kefa were sued for assault and robbery.

Pr. Ssenyonga is set to appear without failure on 4th December 2023 before the civil division of the High Court to the date the case was adjourned.

The case before Justice Boniface Wamala has Mukula, a former Christian Life Church member, and his tormentors who saw him undergo an operation at Mulago Hospital because of internal bleeding.

Mukula was badly beaten and detained at Christian Life Church Police Post back in 2018 before being dumped at Mulago Hospital with a broken hand, with both visible and internal injuries.

On June 1, 2022, Justice Isaac Muwata sentenced Wasswa to five years imprisonment while Wanyama (Chapati Maker) was given ten years after they were found guilty of aggravated robbery.

Mawanda was also given two years while Ojulong was on June 8, 2018, when the case was committed to High Court for trial he was convicted of the same offence.

However, the trial judge said he could not sentence Ojulong in absentia as he was said to be on the run after finding the parties guilty.

In the aftermath of Mukula pursuing compensation from his tormentors and their bosses, Pastor Ssenyonga denied knowing Wasswa in an affidavit despite several visuals of him manning his security and had Pastor’s legal team arguing Wasswa’s assault and robbery case.

*Case at Mwanga II Court*

One would wonder why all of a sudden Pastor Ssenyonga developed weak knees. Well, his name is in another case of trespassing, and defaming at Miracle Center and Pastor Robert Kayanja respectively.

Witnesses in the above-mentioned case pinning Pastor Kayanja at Muwanga II Court recently confessed that Pastor Ssenyonga promised to give them 20,000 USD for falsehoods to implicate Pastor Kayanja.

This revealing development putting Pastor Ssenyonga in the spotlight happened at the last court hearing session as reported by Uganda’s leading daily, The New Vision.

*Mukula now pushing for compensation*

According to Court documents citing the June 2018 incident at Christian Life Church in Kavule, Kawempe Division, Kampala District, Mukula wants to be compensated.

The victim also stated that as a result of the aforementioned violations, he suffered psychological torture, trauma, mental anguish, distress, and financial loss among others.

“It is just and equitable that this court be pleased to grant the prayers hereby sought,” reads part of the court documents.

Mukula wants an order directing the respondents jointly and or severally to compensate him in terms of general damages for the legal violations, inconvenience, and human rights transgressions.

For one who claimed he was sick through his lawyers but was able to preach throughout Sunday miss court on Monday then address a presser on Tuesday, it was so strange.

Yes, people fall sick or get fatigued but the question is why when he is due in court and then the next day he appears as fit as a fiddle.

Hitherto he made a statement before police that he had been with Waswa the whole day the incident is alleged to have happened but then turned around to say the latter wasn’t his employee.

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