How Pastor Ssenyonga allegedly had court proceedings edited in his battle to fight Kayanja


Social media was awash with a video clip that was captured from Muwanga 11 court whereby a witness was supposedly testifying that Pastor Robert Kayanja of Miracle Centre had actually sodomised them.

However, the witness was actually testifying verbatim what a group of youth had said when they stormed Rubaga Miracle Centre in 2021.

One wonders why one would stoop so low as to edit a clip from a court of law all in the name of tarnishing the name of a man of God.


Aggrey Magumba who actually works as part of the security at Rubaga Miracle Centre was quoting verbatim what the group of youth who violently stormed the church had said.

One should recall that some of these youths were arrested and imprisoned for aggravated robbery in Kiryandongo where they once worked on the farm of Pastor Kayanja.


One wonders the aim of Pastor Sseyonga to have the video edited to make it sound like Magumba was a victim and was testifying against Kayanja.

If one can stoop so low as to edit court proceedings one can only wonder what lengths they can go to simply to tarnish a name of another.

One can only ask Pastor Ssenyonga what his motive is. He might try as much as possible to deny that he is the imaginary hand behind it but all evidence points to it right to the fact that he once hired his lawyers from Ojambo and Ojambo to defend the youth who were arrested in Kiryandongo.

As it turns out another witness actually testified before the same court that Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga had actually promised them $20000(75M) if they could provide concrete evidence that Pastor Kayanja had sodomised them.

While Testifying before the court Adrian Ssebaale stated that after they met Pastor Sseyonga he and others went back to their home in Kabusu where they planned on how they were to try and get a video to to get money from Ssenyonga.

He added that one of his colleagues agreed that they would cut a chicken and put blood on a toilet seat to make it look like he was bleeding from his anus as a result of being sodomised by Pastor Kayanja.

One can clearly see that the whole plot was the brainchild of Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga and only god knows why.

To know how low Pastor Ssenyonga has stopped in a video recording while preaching at his church, Christian Life Church in Bwayise he went all out to attack Media house New Vision and its Editor in Chief Barbra Kaija for consistently publishing stories from the court.

In an evident case of shooting the messenger one wonders why Ssenyonga would actually try and put the blame on a media house for actually publishing proceedings from the court.


To refresh a little bit of our memories, early this year two youths named David Assimwe and Bayichi Mapengo came out to say that they had been sodomised by Pastor Kayanja. In due course, a former worker of Top TV which belongs to Ssenyonga came out to reveal how Ssenyonga had paid him to coach the boys on what to say before they recorded the videos against pastor Kayanja.

It should also be recalled that the same boys were put under the care of Elisha Mukisa who called himself a reformed homosexual. Mukisa would later provide screenshots of Mobile Money transactions between him and the assistants of Ssenyonga. SSenyonga would send money through them for the upkeep of the two youths.

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