PM Nabbanja speaks about video making rounds on social media

Man Jose Kayima

The Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja has run to the Inspector General of Police to report what she termed as ongoing smear campaign to tarnish her name.

“The Office of the Prime Minister has noted with concern increased recent deliberate smear, unfair attacks and falsified accusations against the person of the Prime Minister, through especially the faceless social media,” a statement by the spokesperson of the office of the Prime Minister, Charles Odongtho said on Thursday afternoon.

According to the statement, the most recent smear campaign is in form of a video which is doing rounds on social media in which a woman resembling Nabbanja was captured playing with locals in an unidentified area.

“While the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister has categorically denied being the lady in the video, and shrugged off the imitation as fake and a hoax, some opponents and haters, mainly through social media, for reasons best known to themselves, have gone ahead to widely spread the video with messages saying it is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda. The Office of the Prime Minister reiterates that she is not the lady in the video,” Odongtho said.

He noted that the Prime Minister has since reported the matter to the Inspector General of Police with a view of asking CID to investigated it and establish those behind the wide sharing of the video.

Odongtho asked the public to disregard the video making rounds.

“The Prime Minister insists that even when the intention of such hateful actions seem to be to divert her from her work of mobilization and implementing all government programs and policies, and fighting corruption as “Majegere”, she will stick by her primary mandate, established in Article 108A of the Constitution of Uganda, and handed to her by law through the President, her only appointing authority.” Said Odongtho

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