Ugandan man dies in waragi drinking competition

Man Jose Kayima

A tragic incident unfolded in Namisindwa district as 24-year-old Rober Welikhe lost his life during an alcohol-drinking challenge. Welikhe, a known alcohol enthusiast residing in Sikhendu village, Sikhendu parish, Bukiabi sub-county, participated in the ill-fated challenge, attempting to consume 12 bottles of Kakasa Kombucha, an alcoholic beverage from Kenya.

Local trader Augustus Wete, based in the Riverside trading center at Bukiabi sub-county, orchestrated the challenge, offering a Shs 10,000 reward to anyone successfully downing the 12 bottles. Witness Michael Koyi described the events proceeding smoothly until Welikhe reached the 8th bottle. Tragically, he collapsed, exhibiting distressing symptoms such as foaming from the mouth and nose.

Concerned residents rushed Welikhe to Lwakhakha Mercy Clinic in an attempt to save his life, but he succumbed to his condition en route to the clinic.

Wete and his associates fled the village, prompting a manhunt. Nicolas Soita, the LC III chairperson of Bukiabi sub-county, confirmed the incident, expressing their commitment to finding those responsible for organizing the fatal drinking challenge.

Enraged locals left Welikhe’s body at Wete’s residence, demanding justice and threatening him. Ongoing investigations are delving into the circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

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