Archbishop Kaziimba ends virginity project

Man Jose Kayima

The Archbishop of the church of Uganda, Dr. Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu has ended the virginity project after failing to find virgins.

While at New Vision on Wednesday, Kaziimba asserted that it’s hard to find virgins.

“I am calling upon Ugandan men not to got for DNA tests, they should be like Joseph in the bible, he accepted the baby though his wife was a virgin. As for me, I closed the project to award women who enter matrimony while still virgins, they were hard to find.” Said Kaziimba

In July last year, Kaziimba promised to reward girls who keep their virginity until they get married.

According to Kaziimba, men in past used to reward goats to show that the bride was a virgin but these days they no longer give out goats due to lack of virgins.

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