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Every bad and evil deed that is done in the dark will one day, sooner or later be brought to light.

A secret plot to have Labib Khalifa and Reagan Ssentongo given bail before the Masindi High Court and later sneak them out of the country had been exposed.

The two were convicted after being found guilty of aggravated robbery and assault and are serving jail time in Kiryandogo.

The two however are key protagonists in a case that is currently being heard at Mwanga 2 Court in Kampala.

Therefore one wonders as to who is behind this plot to have them released from prison before their due date.

It should be recalled that Reagan Ssentongo working closely with Isreal Waiswa a bodyguard of Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga masterminded the attack on Rubaga Miracle Centre in 2021 by a group of young men.

The young men claimed they were owed monies and that they had been sodomised by Pastor Robert Kayanja, both claims turned out to be false.

As this went on, Reagan Ssentongo and Khalifa were on the run from cases they had committed in Kiryandogo. The two were sentenced in September 2022 and have served less than 2 years.


According to a letter that we managed to get, the two are to apply for bail tomorrow 13th December before his Lordship Sserunkuma Isah at the Masindi High Court.

One wonders how the two who were convicted can render in a bail application before they appeal.

Sources revealed that the plan is to grant the two bail and then sneak them out of the country so that they cannot testify in the case at Mwanga 2 Court where they are key witnesses.

SENTONGO Imprisoned

The court in Kiryandongo convicted Reagan Sentongo and Lababi Khalifa to six years in prison for assault.

The two former workers at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s farm in Kiryandongo, who turned into his tormentors, were found guilty of robbery and assault.

It is said that they attacked Mr. Patrick Turyatemba at his home in Kigumba at 1:00am and asked for coffee malt but when he refused to serve them they decided to fight him and sprayed him with pepper.

The accused persons were arrested and found in position with pepper spray in their room following the incident that happened on 25th April 2020.

When giving out her ruling the Chief Magistrate, Her Worship Lucy Kabahuma, accepted the submission of the defense lawyer and the resident state Attorney and gave them a punishment equivalent to six years with the one year they have spent on remand.

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