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One claimed he had gone for a burial while the other claimed he had a case before the high court, but alas it was not to be the case.

The defense lawyers in the case at Mwanga 2 Court in Kampala against Pastor Robert Kayanja for defamation and trespass didn’t show up today Wednesday 13th December 2023

Lead lawyer Humphrey Tumwesigye gave the court an excuse of having another case at the High Court in the presence of Alex Agigi representing a one Joseph Ssentamu.

However, State Attorney Jonathan Muwaganya told Grade I Magistrate Adams Byarugaba that he inquired and found out that the only case at High Court with the said Judge Agigi today was a murder case and Tumwesigye wasn’t the lawyer in it.

The second lawyer, Robert Ojambo also didn’t show up with an excuse of attending a burial.
In a twist of events his colleague Tumwesigye changed his earlier excuse of being at the high court and claimed he had escorted Ojambo for the burial

This new twist angered Magistrate Byarugaba who sent out a strong warning to the two telling them to stop fooling and undermining the Court and added that an investigation into the matter will be set into motion.

However things were to get deeper as reliable sources told this website that both lawyers;Tumwesigye and Ojambo were in Masindi High Court pushing for the bail of Reagan Ssentongo and Khalifa Labibi.

The two former workers at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s farm in Kiryandongo were found guilty of robbery and assault and sentenced to six years.

It should be recalled that the two attacked Mr. Patrick Turyatemba at his home in Kigumba at 1:00am and asked for coffee malt but when he refused to serve them they decided to fight him and sprayed him with pepper.

The accused persons were arrested and found in position of pepper spray in their room following the incident that happened on 25th April 2020.


It should be remembered that Reagan Ssentongo while working under the supervision of Isreal Waiswa a bodyguard to Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga led a number of youth to violently storm Rubaga Miracle centre claiming they were owed monies and had also been Sodomised by Pastor Robert Kayanja.

In due course the youth were submitted to medical checks which turned out negative. This means that SSENTONGO is a key witness in the case at Mwanga 2 Court.

One then wonders why someone is trying to get them bail when the case has reached a crucial stage. Is it a case of a drowning man grasping at straws.

What also beats our under is the fact that the two were convicted and therefore can only get bail after an APPEAL.

However, they have not appealed and are simply seeking bail.

Sources say that the plot is to get them bail and then sneak them out of the country so as they cannot testify in the Mwanga 2 case where they are key protagonists.

So one asks who really wants them to be bailed and will go to all lengths that he sends senior lawyers like Ojambo and also has them skip a court session.

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