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Student jailed for impregnating four Police officers

Man Jose Kayima

Nigerian student by the name Jamil Ezebuike has seen himself in a legal maze in the United States for impregnating four police officers.

Ezebuike is accused of impregnating four female police officers while enrolled in a women’s security course at a prestigious institution in New Jersey.

He arrived in the United States as an international student after obtaining a non-immigrant study permit.The detailed account of his arrest reveals a well-planned lie.

Ezebuike was able to engage romantically with four female police officers simultaneously without any of them being aware of it.

This went on until one of the officers who finds herself in the love square found out which led the cat out of the bag.

The officer then decided to look into it further and discovered Ezebuike’s involvement with three other female police officers which heightened the level of intrigue to the scenario.

The officer’s reporting of the situation following the disclosure led to Ezebuike’s capture by security personnel.

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