Festive season meat safe, reveal Kampala City Abattoirs

Man Jose Kayima

Kampala City Abattoirs have assured the public that they will supply enough and safe meat products during the festive season despite the outbreak of animal diseases in some cattle corridors.

Recently, districts including Kyotera, Lyantonde and Sembabule have witnessed wide spread of Anthrax, Foot and Mouth diseases that have left many animals dead.

To combat the diseases, government has implemented measures including declaring animal quarantines in the affected areas.

As we get closer to Christmas, there have been growing fears over the likelihood of meat products scarcity due to cutting off of some supply chains.

Aisha Nalubega, the coordinator of Kampala City Abattoirs, said that despite the quarantines put across different cattle corridors, they are prepared to meet the meat demands.

Nalubega, further revealed that they have implemented several measures to ensure that consumers of the precious products are safe from the animal diseases.

She noted that they are working closely with a team of veterinary officials to verify that all the meat carcass that leaves the abattoir is safe for consumption.

“We have six veterinary doctors who check before anything goes out to the market. So we are prepared in that the doctors must check and ascertain if something is not to be eaten.. So we are very prepared. Our doctors are aware and sensitization is ongoing regarding the Anthrax.” Nalubega said.

She further noted that since some of the cattle supply chains have been cut off, they have resorted to alternative supply routes notably the Eastern and Teso.

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