Five arrested as Police destroys marijuana gardens

Man Jose Kayima

Police in Hoima have arrested five people found with marijuana sacks in their houses and slashed and burnt down several gardens of marijuana in Kiryabutuzi village Kyabigambire Sub County .

The marijuana gardens belonged to come of the local leaders including the LC one chairman Kato James and Kigugubya parish councilor Irene Badaru.

According to Hoima police district police commander Bogere Jackson, their operation followed a tip off from the locals in Kiryabutuzi Kyabigambire Sub County.

The operation that started as early as 5am ended at 2pm, with five huge marijuana gardens slashed and burnt down but also several sacks of marijuana recovered in people’s houses.

“Hoima has always had a lot drug use, especially among the young people with some almost running mad, but we have always tried to find out the source of these drugs, until recent when some locals in Kiryabutuzi alerted us of the marijuana plantations,” Bogere said.

Police upon warns that the operation will continue because they understand the entire sub county has a lot of people dealing in marijuana.

“We have only destroyed five plantations, but people say the entire sub county deal in Marijuana so we are going to organize accordingly and come back without notifying anyone. Many will be arrested at random to take us to those gardens. We know they are there and we will use all tricks to ensure all gardens are destroyed.”

Police also cautioned youths against use of drugs since they destroy mental health.

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