Sliced remains of unidentified woman recovered in Kampala Swamp

Man Jose Kayima

Sliced remains of an unidentified woman were recovered in a swamp in Namere Zone, Kanyanya, a suburb of Kampala City on Boxing Day. Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman Patrick Onyango provided details on the disturbing crime scene.

The victim’s body parts were found meticulously packed in polythene bags, with the head and arms contained in a blue polythene bag, and the legs in another blue polythene bag. The torso and head were sealed within a matted woven polypropylene bag. Senior Superintendent of Police Onyango described the crime scene as horrific, noting that the killers seemed to have taken their time, leaving behind significant evidence.

“We are trying to identify the victim and also establish the suspected killers. The body parts have been taken to the City Mortuary at Mulago for a post mortem. Other teams are on the ground to find the killers,” stated SSP Onyango during a press briefing.

Police are urging anyone with information about a missing female relative to visit the City Mortuary, hoping that identification will aid in reconstructing the victim’s movements and contacts before the gruesome incident.

Detectives at the scene discovered gloves left by the suspects, suggesting a calculated attempt to erase any traces. Additionally, a used pillow and towel were found, currently undergoing forensic examination for potential evidence.

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