Man kills own brother for eating pork and dancing on mother’s grave during Christmas

Man Jose Kayima

In Kakamega county, a festive Christmas celebration took a dark turn as Dancan Barasa, 36, lost his life in a brutal attack carried out by his own brothers, Boniface Ogore and Jacob Andanje.

The tragedy unfolded on Christmas Eve, marred by cultural tensions and a deadly response to Barasa’s unconventional way of paying homage to his late mother. Barasa, who had returned from the city to celebrate Christmas with his family, decided to commemorate the occasion by singing and dancing on his mother’s grave.Adding an unconventional touch to the ritual, he enjoyed a meal of pork on the sacred site.

Unfortunately, this choice of celebration became the catalyst for a violent and fatal attack by his enraged brothers. The assault, involving a panga and a crude metal rod, resulted in deep cuts and severe bleeding, leading to Barasa’s immediate death.The motive behind the gruesome attack was rooted in the brothers’ perception that Barasa’s actions breached cultural norms and beliefs.

The deceased’s sister, Agnes Anyona, explained that Barasa’s act of dancing on the grave and consuming pork angered his siblings, who considered it against their cultural beliefs.The tragedy highlights the complex interplay of cultural traditions and personal sensitivities within families, especially during festive celebrations.Kakamega Central Sub-County Police Commander Valerian Obore confirmed the arrest of one suspect, a 33-year-old man, and announced an ongoing manhunt for the other brother who fled the scene.

As the investigation continues, the community grapples with the aftermath of a Christmas celebration that turned deadly, leaving scars of grief and shock.The incident shows the importance of understanding and tolerance within families, emphasizing the need for constructive communication and empathy, especially during cultural or religious celebrations.

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