Former UNSA President Nasasira involved in a car accident

By Ivan C Sajjabi

The former president for the Uganda National Students Association H.E. Nasasira Bill Clinton was in a car with interim speaker Kiyuba Jenah and two others when they got an accident on thier way back from Kyankwanzi after the UNSA elections that happened on 30th December 2023.

The accident occurred on the last day of 2023, around 8:30 AM, at a place called Kyenda in the Kyankwanzi district, approximately 15 kilometers from Kiboga District.

The accident is believed to have resulted from Bill driving while drunk and speeding as they fled angry delegates in Kyankwanzi, whom they had denied transport refunds.

Interim Speaker Jennah Kiyuba was allegedly running away with 30 million in transport refunds meant for university and institution delegates, which they were supposed to share with her boss, Bill Clinton.

An eyewitness at the accident scene informed our reporter that Bill lost control of the car, hit two children, and then crashed into a tree.

One child died instantly, while another passed away while being rushed to the hospital. After the accident, Bill took the money and hid in a hole, fearing the angry mob.

The first person he tried to call for help was Hon Kiconco Brenda, the secretary for female affairs at the National Youth Council, who did not answer.

After calling Honourable Kantongole and Hon Ongwen Alfred, who were unable to assist, he then called Hon Mutagobwa Godfrey, a member of the National Youth Council and former UNSA coordinator of Hoima and Kyikube, who sent a team to rescue Bill.

Later his car was towed to police and upto now Bill has not reported himself to police over the accident that claimed two lives.

Although some believe witchcraft was involved in this accident, others think it was divine intervention. Bill and Jenah are currently in Kampala at Nakasero Hospital receiving treatment, but no one seems to feel pity for them as they nurse their wounds.

Why no one feels pity for the casualties?

Bill made a deal with the UNSA Executive Secretary, Mr. Cherukut Fred Toskin, to hold students Council before the 31st, as it was the day the ES’s contract expired.

Clinton asked for 100 million, but the ES said it was too much and finally provided 80 million before Christmas because Bill wanted Jenah to publish a document extending the session until January.

This money laundering has left students and other stakeholders unhappy. Bill used student subscriptions to buy a car involved in the accident and another car for his parents, claiming his brother Daniel bought it.

Under this regime, Bill acquired two very expensive phones and even opened a large pharmacy for himself using student funds.
He denied some coordinators transportation money after the Council and falsely told students that the coordinators had received their funds when they had not.

Bill Clinton conspired with the UNSA Executive Secretary and other National Executive Committee (NEC) members, promising them various things, resulting in the suspension of the legal speaker and deputy speaker, Rht Hon Kanyesigye Peterson and Rht Hon Anyango Lilian, respectively.

They were replaced by interim speaker and deputy Kiyuba Jenah and Ochen Alfred, respectively. Even when the unfairly dismissed individuals went to court, the ruling, believed to have been influenced by bribery, was not in their favor.

Bill as the president and incharge of UNSA funds after successfully funding the UNSA former General Secretary Akampura Alice’s inter-guild Council which happened at WAKISSHA, the promised Hon. Ochen Alfred (Former Secretary for international affairs UNSA) and Hon. Bwayo Robert (former secretary for information and Publicity) 25 Millions each to hold East African students cultural festival and Annual Dinner respectively but he did not fulfill.

Bill promised to reinstate the UNSA website which he did not fulfill and at the beginning of the year when the UNSA office was closed, he took the UNSA laptop and camera for personal use.

Bill who hails from Mbarara University of science and technology signed on the surcharge policy at that university and many affected students still curse the NUP candidate.

Until now, Bill has not provided any assistance to the families of the deceased. Jenah’s actions toward fellow delegates, including shouting at them, were very regrettable.
Ballots arrived at 10:00 PM, and voting took place at night.

Many irregularities were observed, with wrongly written and misspelled names on the ballots coupled by people pushing each other in the queues.

It is alleged that Jenah had refused to chair the session until she was given 15 million.
Bill, having failed to account for a lot of UNSA funds, took council to Kyankwanzi to obtain military protection, leaving people stranded, including disabled individuals.

While no one rejoices at what happened to him, it should serve as a lesson
For an extended period, this administration, the 33rd NEC stands out as the first to depart without any notable achievements, much to the disappointment of the students during Bill’s tenure.

In reality, this regime has been exceedingly detrimental, neglecting the maintenance of UNSA vehicles for months despite actively using them.

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