The Evolving Journey of Twekambe Kabaruli renown Blogger

Ivan Sajjabi

Twekambe Kabaruli, affectionately known as TK of Kyegegwa, is renown blogger a luminary born in the picturesque district of Kyegegwa who broke the jinx and became secretary for information and Publicity UNSA.

His notable identity transcends beyond his birthplace; he has emerged as a revered figure widely acknowledged for his impactful contributions, notably as a distinguished blogger affiliated with “Buy of Ours, Build of Ours Makerere” (BOBO MAK).

This platform is fervently dedicated to magnifying the positive narratives and noteworthy occurrences within and around the revered corridors of Makerere University.

His journey towards leadership began in his formative years. Holding the prestigious title of Head Boy at Kisambya Primary School from 2008 to 2009, Twekambe’s leadership acumen continued to burgeon as he progressed through his educational milestones.

He assumed various significant roles during his secondary education at Hapuyo Seed Secondary School and King Solomon’s School Kyatega, where his multifaceted talent shone bright. As Vice Chairperson of the Debating Club, Chief Advisor for MDD, Chief Editor of the Writers Club, and acclaimed Best Poet, Twekambe showcased an impressive array of skills and leadership prowess.

Venturing into the esteemed halls of Makerere University to pursue a degree in education, his trailblazing journey in leadership persisted. He played integral roles within the Guild Committee, notably as a member of the Culture and Mobilization Committee during the 84th Guild Government, serving under the esteemed leadership of Papa Were Salim and the Minister of Culture, Honorable Obedgu Samuel, aptly nicknamed the “strike machine.”

Twekambe’s aspirations transcended boundaries as a Former Aspiring Prime Minister for the School of Education and as a member of the Guild Committee of Education during the 85th Guild Government of Katerega.

Beyond academia, his commitment to community development and student affairs remains unwavering.

He holds esteemed positions such as the Youth Vice Chairperson of Kidongo village, Secretary of Student Affairs in the parish of Kitalesa, and Secretary of Student Affairs at the sub-county level in Hapuyo, Kyegegwa.

Recently, Twekambe graced the Kakabara Students Annual General Meeting as a Guest of Honor. His newly acquired role as the Secretary for Information and Publicity at the Uganda National Students Association (UNSA) made his presence paramount.

Addressing students from Migingwe, Kakabara Rural, Kakabara Town Council, and Kyatega Sub-county at the Home Light Primary School, his message resonated with the theme “offering redefined leadership based on discipline, ethics, inclusion, and pro-people approaches.”

Presently, Twekambe serves as the Speaker for the Kagadi District Executive Committee and holds the mantle of Secretary for Information and Publicity at the Uganda National Students Association.

His mantra, “UNSA Info Everywhere,” echoes his commitment to disseminating information far and wide, encapsulating his dedication to meaningful student engagement and community leadership. Twekambe Kabaruli embodies an inspiring narrative of leadership, transcending boundaries and leaving an indelible mark in every sphere he touches.

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