Uganda Africa’s number one pork-consuming nation

Man Jose Kayima

The people of Uganda have been named as the biggest pork consumers in Africa and second globally.

According to the Daily Monitor Uganda’s big appetite for pork was disclosed by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).

On average one Ugandan eats 3.5 Kgs of Pork annually, the East African nation the biggest pork consumer in Africa and coming in second globally after China.

1.1million households in Uganda rear pigs while 3.5 million small-scale farmers depending on pig rearing for their income and million others are employed in the value chain.

Although there the demand and supply of pig is huge and growing the pigs in Uganda have poor weight gain and growth due to potential feed according to the research.

ILRI is advocating the farmers in the country to start feeding the pigs, potato vines in overcoming the poor quality of the pigs and the high cost of feeds, which in turn will translate to cheaper pork since a kilo currently costs almost three dollars (10,000 Ugandan shillings).

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