Pastor Ssempa requests security convoy after pastor Bugingo’s shooting

Ivan Sajjabi

In the aftermath of an assassination attempt on House of Prayer pastor Aloysius Bugingo, resulting in the tragic loss of his SFC driver and bodyguard Richard Muhumuza, Pastor Martin Ssempa has made an urgent plea to the President for increased security measures.

Expressing great concern for his safety following Pastor Bugingo’s shooting, Pastor Ssempa altered his plans, opting to forego returning home and instead sought refuge in a hotel. He now appeals directly to President Museveni, emphasizing the necessity for heightened security measures to safeguard religious leaders in light of the recent incident.

Although Pastor Ssempa acknowledges differences in views with Pastor Bugingo, he extends empathy and gratitude for the latter’s survival from the assassination attempt. Additionally, Pastor Ssempa claims to face threats due to his advocacy against homosexuality, further underlining the vulnerability perceived by religious figures in today’s society.
However, this incident has sparked controversy among both the public and fellow pastors.

Pastor Solomon Male publicly questioned the need for security personnel for a man of God who professes trust in divine protection. This questioning has led to divided opinions among the populace, with some expressing mockery while others extend sympathy toward Pastor Bugingo in the wake of this harrowing ordeal.

Reports from the investigation revealed that seven bullets were recovered from Pastor Bugingo’s bodyguard, indicating the severity of the attack. Initial investigations suggest the use of a pistol in the assault on Bugingo’s vehicle, leading to the tragic loss of Corporal Richard Muhumuza.

Law enforcement agencies continue their efforts, examining the car and seeking additional evidence to piece together the events surrounding the attack.

The incident involving Pastor Bugingo has not only raised public concern but has also prompted a discussion within the religious community regarding the safety and security of spiritual leaders amidst growing threats and uncertainties.

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