UNSA Debate Convenor Announces Shortlisted Candidates for Vacant Positions

By Ivan Sajjabi

As the countdown to the third edition of the Uganda Secondary School Debate Championship 2024 begins, the stage is set for an intellectually charged event.

Hon Tumwesigye Derick Collins, serving as both the national debate convenor and the debates Human Resource at UNSA, recently unveiled the list of shortlisted applicants, marking a crucial step in assembling the team for this anticipated event.

On November 3rd of the preceding year, Hon Tumwesigye Derick Collins, fulfilling the roles of the national debate convenor and debates Human Resource at UNSA, issued a call for applications.

The positions available were diverse, ranging from Chief Adjudicator and Debate/Public Speech roles to Adjudicators, Deputy Chief Adjudicator, Tab Master/Mistress, X Influencers, and Graphic Designer showcasing UNSA’s commitment to organizing a multifaceted and engaging championship.

Reflecting on the success of the 2023 debates, which saw a Ugandan debate team’s journey to the Africa Schools Debate and Speech Championship in South Africa.

UNSA issued a notice in a tweet, extending an enthusiastic invitation to potential sponsors. The call is clear: join UNSA as sponsors and play a pivotal role in fostering intellectual discourse among the youth.

In a conversation with the debates director, Mr. Achaye Paul, his optimism for the future resonates strongly.

Expressing his vision, he envisions the debates expanding beyond secondary schools to encompass tertiary institutions and universities this year. His ambitious wish extends to the hope that the Ministry of Education and Sports will embrace and financially sponsor this initiative, marking a significant stride towards fostering intellectual engagement and growth across all educational levels.

In a recent conversation with the National debate convenor and HR, Hon Tumwesigye Derick Collins emphasized the ongoing commitment to a free and fair selection process. This process aims to assemble a team dedicated to ensuring the 2024 debates not only continue UNSA’s legacy but also elevate it to new heights.


The shortlisted candidates for various positions have been unveiled, signaling the next phase of the process. The date for physical interviews will be communicated shortly, with candidates receiving invitations through the provided contacts.

As Ugolemwa 256, we assure you of continuous updates, promising nothing but a commitment to keeping you informed on the exciting developments leading up to the Uganda Secondary School Debate Championship 2024.
Please finds attached lists of the shortlisted applicants.

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