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Netizens accuse TV personality Nameere of defilement

Man Jose Kayima

Uganda’s TV Personality, Justine Nameere has introduced a one Kennedy Nsubuga whom she says will wed her on 30th January, 2024.

Nameere who introduced Nsubuga to her parents on 13th January, 2024 took to her X handle gleefully thanking her Prince for honoring her parents however, elicited a barrage of attacks with many accusing her of defilement.

“Thank you for Honoring me and for Honoring my parents my Darling Husband. You are the love of my life. I love you my Soulmate, my handsome King, my Papito. Special thanks to everyone who attended or supported our Kwanjula, God Bless you all,” Nameere posted today, 16th January, 2024.

The reactions were however, unfriendly with a one Kambugu replying, “My worry was about giving birth since you are 45yrs+, but thank God you already have children from Raymond and Hakim.”


A combative Nameere however fired back saying, “U wild pig, it’s not a crime to be 45 years and I am not 45 years old. Hakim must be one of the buyers of yo prostitute smelly mother because eno tetumumanyi. I am happily expecting a bouncing baby with my Darling Husband. U can take yo jealousy and stick it up yo smelly mother.”

Another citizen wondered, posting, “But why would one marry a husband who is 15years younger????? Women style up, this is a defilement case.”

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