Video: Teacher arrested for attempted defilement, found with two boxes of unused condoms

Man Jose Kayima

John Senfuma, a teacher at Hillside College Mityana, has been arrested by local authorities after allegedly attempting inappropriate advances towards a female student at her family home.

The shocking incident unfolded when the parents of the minor reportedly ambushed Senfuma and apprehended him after he entered their living room. The confrontation, captured in videos that have since gone viral, depicts Senfuma pleading for mercy from the parents, adding a layer of gravity to the allegations.

Upon arrest, detectives found two boxes of unused ‘Kiss’ condoms and a Shs 1,000 note in teacher John Senfuma’s pockets.

The parents apparently ambushed Senfuma before apprehending him after he entered the girl’s family living room.

Videos of Senfuma pleading for mercy from the parents of the minor are now trending on social media.

Police are expected to issue a statement later today about the matter.

In one of the WhatsApp messages discovered by the girl’s parents, Senfuma suggested that “instead of spending money on hiring a room, why can’t I give it to you because you need money.”

He further seeks assurance from his student: “Are you safe at home and in a gate?”

Cases of sexual abuses of minors by school teachers have been on the rise in the recent years.

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