Man chops brother’s child, hands pieces to wife to cook

Man Jose Kayima

Police in Ntungamo District in Uganda have arrested a 34-year-old man for allegedly killing his elder brother’s child.

The suspect, a resident of Kanyanzira Village, Nyanga Parish, Rubaare sub-County in Ntungamo District, is said to have chopped the victim to pieces, put the parts of the body in a sauce pan and handed it to his wife to cook last Sunday.

However, on realising that her husband had given her pieces of a human being to cook, his wife reportedly made an alarm, which attracted other residents.

The residents identified the body parts as those of a nine-year-old boy, the son of the suspect’s elder brother.

The suspect was handed over to police by residents.

“He [the suspect] was left home with the child while his wife and his child went to church. When the wife returned from church, her husband told her that he had bought some meat and it was in a sauce pan in the kitchen. He instructed the wife to cook it immediately because he was hungry,”

Mr John Kabeho, the district councillor for Rubaare Sub-county, told Daily Monitor.

He added: “When the wife entered the kitchen, she found chopped pieces of human meat in the pan.”

Mr Kabeho said the suspect started having mental health issues in 2020 and had been in and out of hospital several times.

“He was taken to hospital three years ago when he developed mental challenges, but he became well later and returned home. However, he kept showing signs of mental challenges and he would be taken to churches for prayers. Family members say he had recovered when it happened,” Mr Kabeho said.

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