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Winnie Nwagi: My daughter will never see her biological father

Man Jose Kayima

Musician Winnie Nakanwagi alias Nwagi has revealed that she will never allow her daughter to see her biological father when she is still alive.

While appearing on BBS terefayina, Nwagi asserted how she has struggled to take care of her daughter as a single mother.

“I have struggled to take care of my daughter as a single mother. That’s why I told her that I am the mother and father. The father of my daughter does not exist in her memory as well as mine because he failed the test and he will never see her when I am still alive.” Said Nwagi before adding,

“I will show her over 80 men until I get one who is responsible and can take care of her. I am not going take in stupid people like her father. Actually even a dog can give birth and what makes someone a father is being responsible. I will never forgive him and every time I pray, I handle him to the Almighty.” Nwagi added

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