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Video: Boda Boda rider hits Zahara Totto’s car over unpaid rides

Man Jose Kayima

Next Media presenter Zahara Totto has been involved in altercation with boda-boda rider over unpaid rides worthy Shs 50k.

In a video clip circulating on Internet, the boda-boda rider is seen having a conversation with Zahara Totto before he started to hit the TV Presenter’s car demanding her to clear his Shs50k.

Zahara also pulled out her shoe and hit the rider warning that he risked not getting paid at all.

Following the incident, the boda-boda rider vowed that Zahara was not to leave the place before she had paid his 50k however, the Next Media Presenter immediately sped off leaving the Boda Boda rider into Lamentations.

The money the boda-boda ridder is demanding Zahara Totto is believed to have accumulated after giving the TV presenter rides to her workstation and promising to pay later something she had not done yet.

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