Youths who stormed Pastor Kayanja’s Church were not sodomized – Doctor

Man Jose Kayima

It is a well-known fact that the truth will always come to light. Lies have a limited lifespan for the truth will eventually come out.

Many a lie has been told about Pastor Robert Kayanja sodomizing young men but, Doctor Sam Kalungi has come out to say that the group of youth who claimed that they were sodomized by Pastor Kayanja had never been sodomized.

While testifying in Mwanga 2 Court, the medical doctor who examined went on record during today’s session.

“The general medical checkup was clear, abdomen check was clear, Anus and buttocks checkup were clear, the chest was clear, the intestinal system was clear, and others.”

The Uganda Police medical doctor told the Court that all results after examining Peter Serugo, Regan Ssentongo, Alex Wakamala, Labeeb Khalifa, and Sam Magoomu were negative.

He further revealed that one suspect by the name of Moses Tumwiine, was clear by the time of the examination before the case was adjourned to 7th February 2024.

*The genesis of the case*

The ongoing court case of defamation and trespass at Muwanga II Court has eight accused males with some being former employees at Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga’s church over defamation and trespass with Pastor Robert Kayanja and his Church as the victims.

Last year, Chief State Attorney Jonathan Muwaganya presented a witness in front of Grade I Magistrate Adams Byarugaba whose submissions pinned Pastor Ssenyonga as the man behind the character assassination moves.

Simon Tumukunde who worked with five out of the eight accused at Pastor Kayanja’s farm in Kiryandogo and was part of the deal narrated from the genesis.

“We went to Church and we found Magumba Aggrey at the checkpoint who asked us if we had an appointment. Reagan told him that Herbert Ssembatya was expecting us.”

“Immediately after accessing the premises, Reagan, Alex Wakamala, Kagoro Martin, and Moses started shouting that we had come to be paid money for being sodomized.”

Tumukunde went on to say he later got a phone call informing him about the arrest of his colleagues. “The other phone call that comes in from one Aggrey Kanene telling me to find him at Kawempe Police.”

“I found him with two other individuals who identified themselves as Jamil and Israel Wasswa and they asked me if I knew Pastor and those who were arrested.”

Kanene, Wasswa, and Jamil all former employers of Pastor Ssenyonga asked Tumukunde to open a file similar to that of his colleagues if he wanted his colleagues to be released.

“I bought the idea after a long meeting in which they told me that they have the First Lady on their side so I shouldn’t be afraid of anything and financial help will come.”

“From there, we headed to Old Kampala Police. Jamil and Aggrey left me in the car and returned with my colleagues walking freely. Each of us was given fifty thousand as transport.”

After some days, Jamil called them to go for a medical checkup at Nsambya barracks and it’s when Pastor Ssenyonga’s henchman Israel Wasswa took charge promising them dollars.

“The reports came out and all of us were fine but they told us to keep the lie alive and it was at this moment when I pulled out of the deal.”

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