Hon.Nkunyingi urges the Ugandan government to rescue dozens of nationals stranded in Myanmar and Egypt

Man Jose Kayima

The shadow minister for Foreign Affairs, Muwadda Nkunyingi, has voiced deep concern over the plight of 450 Ugandan nationals reportedly being held hostage in Myanmar by alleged rebel groups for several months.

Nkunyingi emphasised that most of the victims had embarked on their journeys for work, tourism, and education under unclear circumstances.

Shockingly, some had initially been promised employment in countries such as the UAE and Thailand, only to find themselves diverted and trapped.

Demanding swift action, the Nkunyingi urged the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to initiate unconditional diplomatic measures to rescue the over 450 Ugandans reportedly in the clutches of rebels in Myanmar.

Nkunyingi disclosed that hundreds of Ugandan nationals are also facing detainment issues in Egypt.

Disturbingly, many have allegedly been denied exit and fined exorbitant amounts exceeding USD 500,000 each.

Meanwhile, Nkunyingi has also expressed concern about the “lack of grooming for career diplomats” in Uganda.

He criticized the current representation with only Ambassador Adonia Ayebale participating in all international forums, saying it is not only a shame to the country but also a weakening of the collective strength of Ugandan ambassadors.

Nkunyingi stressed the necessity to revamp diplomatic training, emphasizing the importance of expertise over political appointments in diplomatic roles.

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