Minister Otafiire throws shade at Gen.Muhoozi

Man Jose Kayima

Uganda’s political landscape sizzles as Minister of Internal Affairs Kahinda Otafiire throws shade at General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, son of President Museveni and potential presidential candidate. While emphasizing he doesn’t “hate” Muhoozi, Otafiire declared him unfit for the top job, stating, “We elect the president of Uganda, not the son of the president.”

This isn’t Otafiire’s first jab. Previously, he likened Muhoozi, nicknamed the “standby generator,” to a dysfunctional, dead machine. These comments ignite further speculation about Muhoozi’s 2026 election ambitions, fueled by his popularity and vague pronouncements.

The Minister’s stance aligns with opposition leader Winnie Byanyima, who criticized Muhoozi’s qualifications, suggesting he lacks the experience and capabilities to lead. Their critiques are met with fire from the MK Movement, Muhoozi’s support group, who accuse Otafiire and his faction of “greed-driven blackmail.”

This war of words paints a picture of a heated political climate approaching the elections. Otafiire, a senior NRM member, holds significant sway, potentially hindering Muhoozi’s path. Yet, Muhoozi enjoys popularity, making the outcome unpredictable.

One thing’s clear: Uganda’s political stage is set for a fiery drama. Otafiire’s intervention adds another layer of intrigue, raising questions about alliances, ambitions, and ultimately, who will lead the nation next. Stay tuned for more twists and turns as the political temperature continues to rise.

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