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Toka kwa Balabala singer Mulwana passes on

Man Jose Kayima

Adam Mulwana, a singer who gained fame during the 2016 general elections has passed on this morning.

Mulwana has been fighting for his life for sometime passed away at Doctor’s Hospital in Seguku on Tuesday.

He has been experiencing unstable health, and in one of his interviews he revealed that doctors had discovered that he was poisoned, causing dysfunction of vital organs such as his liver.

During the 2016 General Election campaigns, Mulwana’s Toka kwa Balabala played a pivotal role for Dr.Kizza Besigye’s campaign.

Last year, doctors assured Mulwana that it was not too late to save his life. Unfortunately, despite their efforts to save him, Mulwana succumbed to his illness.

Details regarding his funeral are yet to be revealed by the family.

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