Soroti Cricket Academy to Host Second Consecutive Girls’ Schools Cricket Week

Sebowa Emmanuel

In a remarkable stride forward, Soroti City is gearing up to host the Girls’ Schools Cricket Week for the second consecutive year, signifying a pivotal moment for the cricket fraternity. The announcement unfolded during a groundbreaking press conference spearheaded by Mr. Turinawe Davis, the Development Manager of the Uganda Cricket Association.

Last year, Soroti Cricket Academy etched its name in history by hosting the Girls Schools Cricket Week outside Kampala for the inaugural time. The electrifying finale witnessed Olila High School clinching victory against Light Senior Secondary School, setting a high bar for subsequent tournaments.

Buoyed by the success of the inaugural event, the Uganda Cricket Association has broadened the scope of the tournament, extending invitations to two additional schools, thereby elevating the total participating schools to 16.

Mr. Turinawe Davis is currently devising a meticulous strategy for the selection and dispersion of the two additional schools across various regions, with the aim of fostering diversity and inclusivity.

Slated to unfold from the 4th to the 11th of May 2024 at St. Mary’s Girls School in Madera, preparations are well underway, with ground arrangements in full swing. Anticipation reverberates beyond the tournament’s dates, as a girls’ schools league is set to commence in March, serving as a gateway to the national tournament.

In a bid to enhance accessibility, select tournament matches will be live-streamed, enabling cricket enthusiasts from afar to immerse themselves in the riveting action. Chairman Felix Musana expressed profound delight in reaching this milestone and pledged to surpass the triumphs of the previous year’s event. “We are privileged to host the Girls’ Schools Cricket event for the second consecutive year.

Building on last year’s accomplishments, we are steadfast in our commitment to deliver an even more exceptional experience,” remarked Musana.
Representatives from participating schools affirmed their preparedness for an exhilarating tournament in May, echoing sentiments of anticipation and zeal.

With preparations in full throttle, Soroti Cricket Academy stands poised to orchestrate yet another unforgettable event, spotlighting the burgeoning talent and ardor for cricket among Uganda’s youth.

The expanded tournament and live-streamed matches hold the promise of making this year’s Girls’ Schools Cricket Week a jubilant celebration of talent, teamwork, and the expanding footprint of the sport beyond conventional cricket bastions.

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