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Bad Black to build lover a house for making her pregnant

Man Jose Kayima 

City socialite Bad Black has spilled the beans on her exciting news through a heartfelt Snapchat reveal. Brace yourselves, folks, as Bad Black and Asha Panda are expecting their first child together, and that’s not all – there’s a dreamy plan for a big house to show appreciation for the unwavering love Panda has showered upon her throughout the years.

Taking us on a trip down memory lane, Bad Black reminisced about the time when her life resembled a messy puzzle desperately needing someone to trust and lean on. Enter Asha Panda, the knight in shining armor, who stumbled into her life during those turbulent days.

The story takes an amusing twist as Bad Black spills the beans on Panda’s initial attempts to woo her. Apparently, Panda played the age card, slightly bending the truth by two years, claiming to be 25 when, in reality, he was a mere 23. Talk about a minor hiccup in the pursuit of love!

But wait, there’s more. Bad Black confesses to playing hard to get, making Panda’s calls intentionally busy, only to call back a few minutes later out of sheer boredom. Why? Well, because her ex was out busy cheating, leaving her in need of a late-night confidante. Through all these challenges, Asha Panda held strong, never giving up on the quirky Bad Black, and loving her for the unique individual she is.

In the midst of the amusing anecdotes, Bad Black drops the bombshell – she’s pregnant! The dynamic duo is expecting their first child, and Bad Black envisions a future filled with love, laughter, and, of course, a growing family

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