Katikkiro Mayiga applauds arrest of notorious TikToker

Man Jose Kayima 

Buganda Kingdom’s Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga, has come out and applauded the arrest of notorious TikToker Ibrahim Musana, widely known as Pressure 24/7, who was apprehended for his repeated offensive content targeting the Kabaka of Buganda.

The Buganda Kingdom’s Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction with the arrest and confirmed that Musana is set to face trial in court.

Mayiga took to his official platform to share his thoughts on the matter, acknowledging the importance of addressing the actions of the habitual offender.

The Katikkiro
emphasized the need for accountability and stated that it is high time for Musana to face the legal consequences of his actions.

“Nneebaza Minisita wa Kabaka ow’Amawulire era Omwogezi w’Obwakabaka @KazibweIsrael olw’ebigambo bino: Omuntu yenna eyepampalika ku Nnamulondo (ng’omuvubuka ono, Ibrahim Musana) abadde avvoola Kabaka n’Obwakabaka, tuggya kweyambisa woofiisi ya Ssaabawolereza okumukwata n’okumusimba mu kkooti, asibwe,” Mayiga posted, signaling his support for legal action against the accused.

TikToker Pressure 24/7 Launches War on Buganda Kingdom Legitimacy, Fans Worried About Him

Ibrahim Musana, also known as Pressure 24/7, gained notoriety for his disrespectful content targeting Buganda’s cultural leader on various social media platforms. The Buganda Kingdom, led by Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, has taken a stand against such behavior, advocating for the protection of the Kabaka’s dignity and the values of Buganda.

As the legal proceedings unfold, Buganda awaits the resolution of this case, setting a precedent for the consequences of online harassment and disrespect towards cultural figures.

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