Phone call matrix exposes Pastor Ssenyonga’s henchmen in plot against Pastor Kayanja 

Man Jose Kayima

Police investigations reveal that Pastor Ssenyonga’s Personal Assistant, Aggrey Gershom Kenene aka Kuggu, was the attached behind the shambolic sodomy case pinned on Pastor Robert Kayanja.

Between 17th and 18th September 2021, Kanene Aggrey made five calls to one Banura Jordan (another Pastor Ssenyonga enforcer) and more calls to Ojok Morris through different numbers to coordinate the storm to Pastor Kayanja’s church. The calls made on 18th September 2021 were to do a recon and understand the kind of story they would tell the Police if they all got rounded up like the others.

Chat E -19th – 30th Sept 2021

It is to be noted that in one of the forums on WhatsApp, Pastor Ssenyonga was using Ojok Morris’s number to communicate. This revelation left everyone dropping their jaws. Furthermore, Banura Jordan is an alias for Israel Wasswa, who is the Head of Security for Pastor Ssenyonga. Wasswa is known as Pastor Ssenyonga’s top henchman and is a former crime preventer and a key mobiliser of the Bodaboda 2010 group.

He is known to the Police as a notorious person who opens up fabricated cases against other pastors on the order of Pastor Ssenyonga, according to former Police CID Charles Twine.

Wasswa, Ojok, and Kanene were running the operation with Mwandha Jamilu, an alliance Chairman, another notorious henchman of Pastor Ssenyonga. They employed the usage of various unregistered numbers to mask most of their identities, and a large number of phone calls with these unregistered numbers were going through Mwandha Jamiru.

Kanene led a group of boys in blackmailing Pastor Robert Kayanja out of a huge sum of money, with the threat that if this sum was not fulfilled, they would smear him with sodomy stories and implications.

While testifying in court today, D/ASP Bill Ndyamuhaki from the Cyber Crime Department revealed that the call matrix shows that this team of three made multiple phone calls to the suspects arrested including Tumukunde Simon ( (0755007592), Ssemanobe Moses ( (0708603935), Lyazi Henry (0706430220), among others.

“On 17th September 2021, a group of youth including Tumukunde Simon, Ssentongo Reagan, Labeeb Kalif, Serugo, Peter, Lyazi Henry, Ssemanobe Moses, Wakamala Alex, and others stormed the premise of Miracle Center Cathedral Rubaga pastored by Pastor Robert Kayanja,” reads the Police report from D/ASP Bill Ndyamuhaki.

“They were shouting on top of their voices claiming that they had been sodomised by Pastor Kayanja Robert and had not been given the money he promised them.”

This smear campaign dates back to 2021 when a group of youth stormed Pastor Kayanja’s Rubaga Miracle centre with allegations of non-payment and sodomy.

“Upon interrogation, some of the suspects such as Tumukunde Simon and Ssebale Adrian revealed that they got involved because they were used to falsely defame Pastor Kayanja. That is how they managed their stunt and stormed the church.”

The recordings reveal that the three planned the 50 million loot among themselves, with the blessing of Pastor Ssenyonga. Gershom pushed a one Muwanguzi, with the blessing of Pastor Ssenyonga, to claim that he had recordings of him and Pastor Kayanja.

Muwanguzi did all this with the promise of Pastor Ssenyonga buying him a house in return for 10 videos pinning Pastor Kayanja over sodomy.

Kanene was the replacement of Israel Wasswa at Ssenyonga’s Church when the latter was put behind bars in 2021 when Pastor Kayanja involved law enforcement agencies to quell the boys’ intentions.

It is worth remembering that Dr Sam Kalungi, a Mulago Hospital Pathologist confirmed that the men who claimed that Pastor Kayanja sexually abused them were medically examined and it was established that their claims were untrue.

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